Sculptures by Chick Schwartz

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Sculpture, Chick Schwartz He Scores
2017, Life Size, Faux Bronze and Voodoo
Sculpture, Chick Schwartz Horse
2016, Mixed media sculpture
18" x 22" x 8"
Sculpture, Chick Schwartz Nudist Tubist 3
2016, Mixed media sculpture
43" x 34" x 30"
Sculpture, Chick Schwartz Floating Dancer
2014, Mixed media sculpture
12" x 12" x 12"
Sculpture, Chick Schwartz Eden Without Eve....Adam as an Old Man
2012, Mixed media sculpture
22" x 12" x 16"
Sculpture, Chick Schwartz Untitled
2012, Mixed media sculpture
Sculpture, Chick Schwartz Nudist Tubist
2012, Mixed media sculpture
Bronze Sculpture, Chick Schwartz Nude Sunbather
2006, Bronze
33" long x 16 deep x 13" high
Chick Schwartz Sculptures Two at the Bar
2005, Bronze
Charles Schwartz Bronze Sculptures Osadora
2005, Bronze
Chick Schwartz Limb Twist
2005, Bronze
Charles Schwartz Pelican Sculpture Bronze Landing Pelican
2005, Bronze
Bronze Sculptures Schwartz Chick Baryshnikov & Fonteyn
2005, Bronze
Bronze Sculpture by Chick Schwartz Indeterminate Number of Angels Frolicking In a Bowl of Water
2005, Bronze (includes Venetian glass base)
2004, Bronze
Warm Up
2004, Bronze
2004, Bronze
Dance Class
2004, Bronze
33x28x10 inches, 2002, Bronze, Edition: 8
10x12x7 inches, 2002, Bronze, Edition: 8
41x15x10 inches, 2002, Bronze, Edition: 8
16x19x9 inches, 2002, Bronze, Edition: 8

Indeterminate Number Of Angels Dancing On The Head Of A Pin
25x27x19 inches, 1989, Bronze, Edition: 12

17x14x15 inches, 1990, Bronze, Edition: 12

29x11x18 inches, 1987, Bronze, Edition: 12

11x10x8 inches, 1992, Bronze, Edition: 20

Marsha 1
18x22x14 inches, 1990, Bronze, Edition: 12

Graceful Dancer
12x6x7 inches, Bronze, 1999

Cirque du soleil
20x10x6 inches, 2001, Bronze

Mustang Sally
14x8x5 inches, 1998, Bronze

Nude Sunbather II
13x11x9 inches, 2000; Bronze, Oak and Venetian Glass.

Floor Exercise
16x11x6 inches, 2000, Bronze.

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