Ceramic Murals by Chick Schwartz

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ceramic mural Mourning Cemeteries
ceramic, 2014

Disillusioned cemeteries eternally mourn lives squandered pursuing
bright pretties

Lives never awed by the launch of a space shuttle

Nor humbled by the sight of Saturn's rings

Nor seduced by introspection of what and why

Nor awed by a Verdi melody or a Rembrandt shadow


How it is 2012
60x16 inches, ceramic, 2013

bar scene mural

Bar Scene
48x27 inches, ceramic, 2009

Tightrope Walker
57x44 inches, ceramic, 1995

Kite Flyer
37x30 inches, ceramic, 1990

And On The Seventh Day, God Rested
65x42 inches, ceramic, 1989

Tea Party
41x33inches, ceramic, 1987

Marriage Cousellor
70x47 inches, ceramic, 1985

Parade (collaboration with Niels Jensen)
72x46 inches, glass topped mahogany table built around high relief ceramic, 1990

Women at the Wall
62x48 inches, ceramic, 1990

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